Sep. 19th, 2008

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Oct 14, 1775

Commodore Lyon~

I write this letter to you in the hopes that it finds you in good health, and also with the hope that you receive it and the package it accompanies in due time. Misters Finn, Maxwell, Miss Lennox and myself have only just departed from witnessing the event soon to be titled 'The Boston Tea Party'. Considering all the causes and details leading up to this event, it was quite intriguing to see it first hand, though at times I do believe I have to agree with Miss Lennox's belief that it was a 'great waste of tea'. However, given later events that this sets into motion, it could be argued to be well worth the cost.

Unfortunately we had to depart from Boston, December 16, 1773, a bit sooner than I had planned due to an altercation between Mister Maxwell and the local authorities. Mister Maxwell's actions were, I believe, entirely justified considering the present circumstances, and Mister Finn and I were able to distract the unruly mob in order for the four of us to escape to a quiet location and take our leave. Considering that I had hardly any time to plan our next destination via the Astrolabe, we thankfully did not become too lost, and in short order we have found ourselves in Philadelphia, October 14, 1775. Currently we are in a tavern, resting and making plans, (though Miss Lennox is speaking with a local gentleman writer/inventor), and I am taking a moment to see this package off to you.

I believe that our next destination will be to go and see the gathering of Congress on August 2, 1776, when the Colonies will be signing their Declaration of Independence. After that, Mister Maxwell has suggested we find out when King George is to receive word of this, and that we should make ourselves present in order to witness his reaction. Mister Finn has also suggested we go further ahead to July 20, 1969, so we may see the television broadcast of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. I will admit to being very torn between the two proposals, and may just have to figure out how to accomplish both.

With apologies, I must cut this letter short as it may be wise for us to be departing very soon. Miss Lennox's discussion with Mister Paine has gotten very heated and I do believe it would be best for us to leave before she either kicks him in the shins or even worse, is able to convince him of her point.

With the best of wishes

Your servant, H. M. Wellard

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