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Inside the captain's chambers it was oddly quiet, compared to the chaos and din of the fighting outside. Sawyer had his hands over his ears, and was reading aloud from a logbook to muffle the noises that made their way inside. He didn't notice Wellard slip into the chambers and lock the door behind him. Wellard raised the pistol in one hand, ignoring how his hand shook.

"I can't let you remember."

Sawyer looked up, expressionless.

"I can't let you get to Kingston. And I will not see them hanged, either of them." He moved closer to the desk, and the former captain stood up, facing him.

"Then you best use both hands if you want to pull the trigger." Sawyer said simply, reaching out and taking the pistol from Wellard's hands. The young midshipman dropped his eyes in shame.

"Its a clumsy weapon," Sawyer said, looking it over, "for anyone, and no use for a boy like you."

Wellard's eyes narrowed for a moment, and slowly he looked up, meeting the former captain's gaze. "Don't call me boy."

"Oh? What would you have me call you? Coward?"

"I'm not boy, sir. And I'm no coward." Wellard took a deep breath, and his shoulders straightened. "And I'm no scarecrow that has to be tied up so he don't bite his own shadow, sir." With courage came the disdain in his voice for the formal address. Sawyer raised a hand and slapped Wellard across the face. Undaunted, Wellard turned back to him.

"See? I'm no boy. And you're no man at all to strike me so."

Quite for a long moment, Sawyer calmly looked at him.


The moment was broken by the window shattering behind them. One of the spaniards had broken the glass and was reaching in to unlock the door. Sawyer and Wellard both moved behind the desk, watching.

"Wellard?" Sawyer's own shoulders straightened. "I know who pushed me. Here." He handed the pistol over to the young midshipman.

"At least one of us can face the enemy with a clear head. Mister Wellard?"

The door burst open, and a ragged spaniard raising an ax rushed in, yelling.

"Fire!" The pistol held in both hands, Wellard fired, and the spaniard rushing in dropped to the floor.

"Brave lad." Sawyer nodded, putting his arm over Wellard's shoulders.

Behind the one enemy were two more. These two with rifles. They shot, and Wellard and Sawyer both dropped to the floor.

Ages later, years slowly- or was it minutes, bare seconds, just a moment?

Hobbs leaned over Wellard, his face actually touched with concern. He glanced to the dead Sawyer, then looked back.

"He recovered at last, did he?"

Blood stained his lips, but Wellard managed to answer. "He said I was brave."

"You are."

"He knew. He knew who pushed him."

Hobb's eyes lit up, and he leaned closer to the dying Wellard. "Get it off your chest- tell me."

Fading and coughing, Wellard managed to whisper a last reply to Hobbs. Maybe it was a name. Maybe it was not. Even though it was after dawn, the room darkened to his eyes. Wellard heard footsteps approaching,

but it all started


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Wellard is a midshipman (the lowest ranking officer) on the ship the Renown in the episodes Mutiny and Retribution- where he dies when the spanish prisoners get free and try to overtake the ship. Previous to that, however, his main trial was dealing with the insane and delusional Captain Sawyer, who believed Wellard was in cahoots with the lieutenants, who he believed were plotting mutiny. Early on, Wellard is beaten a dozen lashes for "making Sawyer look like a fool in front of his men", by stopping an order to raise the sails. One had been caught in something and was tearing, but Sawyer took this to be conspiring against him. The lieutenants, (Hornblower, Kennedy, and Bush) did try to varying degrees to get the captain to stop, but no avail. Wellard was only doing his duty to ship and the chain of command, but kept being punished by Sawyer for percieved slights. After the second beating he was given laudinum by the ships physician Clive, and started developing an addiction to it. (I have been researching withdrawl effects for when his small bottle of it runs out, and he has no re-supply in the bar.) Wellard is there when Sawyer falls (or is pushed) into the hold, with Hornblower and Kennedy. If he had seen who it was that pushed the captain, he either thinks its himself, or that he "didn't see", as he is grateful to the two lieutenants for whatever part they played in keeping Sawyer away from him.
Later, Wellard does finally confront Sawyer, out of fear that the captian will remember who pushed him when they reach Kingston and have the culprit hanged. "I'm no coward, and I'm no whipping boy. I'm also no scarecrow to be tied up so he doesn't bite his own shadow, sir!" "I'm no boy, and you're no man at all for hitting me so." Sawyer (who is pitiable through his madness, as you can see the sort of man he had been before the paranoia and delusions), finally does call Wellard brave, and pulls him beside him just as the Spaniards reach the captain's cabin. Wellard shoots the first one- and then he and the captain are both killed by the next.

Which is where he'll be walking into Milliways, (hopefully).


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