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Some details (mostly hair and eye color if I've mentioned them before and have to fix it, or specially all the dates) to change.

Henry Edward Morrison: Wellard's maternal grandfather. Sandy hair, grey eyes, tall and solidly built. No known family. Volunteered in the navy, and made a warrent officer in the navy, and 'retired' after he had saved a duke's life during a storm. With funds and monies given to him as a gift because of this, Morrison worked on starting his own shipping company, Emerald Shipping and Trading. He married Josephine Alice Bright in 1765, against the wishes of her family. They had one child, Elizabeth Victoria in 1768. In 1784, stepped down as single owner of Emerald Shipping and Trading, naming Matthew Wellard as co-owner and parner. In 1792, he and his wife were lost at sea, while on board one his ship The Challenge.

Lady Josephine Alice (Bright) Morrison: Wellard's maternal grandmother. Dark blonde hair, vivid green eyes. (This may be where the name 'Emerald' came from.) Headstrong, she married Morrison against the will of her family, and thus did not speak to any of them for the rest of her life. She had one daughter, after a long and difficult pregnancy (a trait which she unfortunately passed on to said daughter), and was unable to have any other children after Elizabeth. Josephine and her husband were lost at sea in 1792, and are presumed dead.

Lord Robert Bright and other Family: Robert was the youngest of three children. The oldest son died in his late 40s, unmarried and without children. Josephine married a common-born man against the will of their parents. Robert returned to the family manor near Ashford in Kent, with his wife and children. Prior to this, he had attained the rank of captain in the British Navy. He had been fond of his older sister, and even though he never contacted her after her marriage to Morrison, he took on the care of her only grandchild when contacted by Elizabeth Wellard from her own deathbed in 1794. By then, Robert was widowed, and his own children had families of their own. He brought Henry Wellard to the house in Ashford, and saw to the boy's care and upbringing until he was of an age to go into the navy as a midshipman. Robert was friends with the captain of the Worthington, and saw Wellard placed there in 1799.


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