Jan. 9th, 2008

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One thing he certainly misses about the West Indies, is the climate. Wellard has mentioned this, often. It is a way of Not Complaining about the fall and winter weather in Scotland, with the rain, and then snow, and overall cold and gloom.

He has been Not Complaining about it since he's returned.

However, Wellard was not going to let said weather interrupt the ship building this year. Finn had put things away into storage for safe keeping while he was gone- A once-over check proved that the just-started ship had weathered the time well. Wellard lost no time in figuring out how to put up poles to support a system of sail-cloth to keep the snow off the project-

So, unless it was storming or just Too Cold, Period, to work outside, they could. He was not just going to sit inside this winter and draw plans.

(Besides, it is much easier to deal with certain issues- such as different worlds, different times, and relationships- while your hands are busy. It also helps you fall to sleep quickly at night, instead of letting your mind run around in circles over those topics.)

Finn thankfully does not ask questions. Wellard takes advantage of this, specially in the first couple weeks he is back, and he certainly is not up to talking about- well. Not so much the Locker and the events with the East India Company and Davy Jones, but about different things entirely. But Finn does not ask, and Wellard does not volunteer-

And there is the ship to thankfully focus on.

And the dratted Scottish fall and winter.


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