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With much handwaving as to some of the details how and why-

The weather tends to be nicer in Port Royal. That had decided it, in the end. The port town may be much smaller than London, but due to traders and its key position in the Carribean, it is still a bustling, busy place.

Though, not so much that a small street behind an old blacksmith shop should be quiet and empty. Or, at least for a few crucial moments.

The two young people exiting into the street more than likely did not exit from the blacksmith shop, however.

Wellard steps down from the stoop onto the street, and offers his hand to Hannah for her to step down as well.

Date: 2007-09-20 11:49 am (UTC)
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It's kind of hard to say where they exited from. That's the way magic and a good handwave works.

Hannah takes his hand, looking around curiously.

This is . . . different. Really very different. Port Royal doesn't look, or sound, or smell like Southern California.

(She's wondering, too, how on Earth women managed to move or breath in these days, the clothes she's currently wearing not seen in her own day outside of costume dramas.)


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